"Thanks for making these and please never ever stop providing these to the public. I researched the product ingredients of many different guinea pig pellets and found that they all contained absolute rubbish, cheap fillers like soy and grain which guinea pigs don't naturally eat and were more than likely harmful long term. Your pellets contain only ingredients that a guinea pig would eat naturally. Thank you so much. And please make sure they are available to the public forever. They are important to the health of our guinea pigs. Whats more my guinea pigs love them and they are very well priced. Thank you indeed!"

Michelle C.

"Thank you so much for providing NZers with excellent quality products for small animals. Your guinea pig pellets are the only pellets I will feed my guineas, for the other products available in this country all contain foods they shouldn't eat. (Plus they love your hammocks!) I really appreciate your hard work & providing us with these top quality items. Thank you very much."


"I have been telling as many people as I can about Little Chintas because promoting health and nutrition for small animals is what I am passionate about. Since transfering my guinea pigs onto little chintas they definitely look healthier and happier then when they were on the commercial pellets. My guinea pigs apsolutely love their pellet diet and couldn't get enough of the guinea pig mix treat I got for them. Thank you so much Rebekah for designing your pellets, treats and toys that are perfectly healthy, natural and that our pets love!!!"


"I just received my parcel and Wanted to say thanks so much! I've battled to find reasonable priced and good quality hammocks for my rattie. He can't wait for me to hang them up! Thank you so much!"


"I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and your dedication to finding the best option for my epileptic chinchilla Raku. If it wasn't for your help and the sheer amount of knowledge you have, Raku would not be here today. The food, treats, toys and supplements that you make are absolutely brilliant! My two boys adore it all and it keeps them healthy, unlike a lot of products found in pet stores. When my vet was struggling to help Raku you stepped in with so many ideas that my vet and I would have never thought of and that I am positive, literally saved his life. So thank you again for your help and support, I can't recommend you highly enough."


"I recently purchased this toy [Chuk-it] from the pet expo and I would just like to let you know that it is the best toy that my rabbit has ever had. He throws it around and has almost shredded it so I was just letting you now how amazing your products are!!"


"The rabbit that is eating your pellets and having a small amount of Liver Support every day has had the most amazing change in her  poo and smell.She always had a strong smelling poo,(rabbit poo shouldn't smell) and it was sticky and just plain nasty. But now it is normal, fully formed, no smell and she loves it. So thank you very much, you are to be highly commended for what you have made. She is a new bunny."


"I have been dealing with Rebekah since I first got a chinchilla!!! I have always brought her food and toys from Little Chintas!!! Rebekah also give awesome advise when not sure of something I trust what she says and goes by everything she advises me. I have own 4 chins but only have 1 left because I felt I needed more time with this baby. I have a son and husband that love our Carmel just like I do!!! We look forward to doing many more orders in the future!! Rebekah is honest realiable and a Big animal lover!!! Hats of to you Rebekah for being my mentor and making sure my babies are safe!!!!! Thank you Thank you thank you for everything you have done for me and my love of animals!!"

Karen D.

"Thanks so much we were really impressed with the quality of the food we ordered for my little chinchilla. He loves it and is much happier now. Will be definitely buying from this store again."


"I just wanted to say that we are so lucky to have someone running a store like this. Chinchillas are such delicate and amazing little pets, and it gives us great peace of mind to know that they are getting the essential nutrients out of the food available here. Not to mention the fun they have with the fantastic toys! Our girls appear happy and healthy, and that's thanks in no small part to Little Chintas!"

Jared A.

"I am loving your site and anything I order always impresses me and looks even better than on the site. Thanks so much for your creativity and also willingness to share your knowledge. Our bunny is going to be so spoiled now we have your site to come to! Love the custom freight option too."

Bunny Mad

"I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my first order :-) very impressed with the quality and service, I'll be back again for more soon :-)"

Carol C.

"I love the new website! I Rescue Rabbits and breed Standard Rex Rabbits. I feed all of them your pellets! I after just 2 weeks I notice a difference in their coat and weight (most come to me underweight)"

Tessa D.

"SO PLEASED WITH THIS PRODUCT!!! 2/3 of my rabbits have very sensitive stomachs and one got a messy bum and sloppy poo on a regular basis even when ONLY on hay, pellets and water alone- let alone grass, fruit/vedge! Since I started Little Chintas about a month ago I've only had one messy bum since!! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECCOMMEND THIS PRODUCT AND WILL DEFINITLY BE BUYING AGAIN! :D Thankyou so much! Finally a product I can trust for good!"

Nicole W

"I was directed to your website when I got my first chin, and firstly it made me realise that despite my research on chinchilla care there was So Much I wasn't aware of -thank you for the wonderful products and the information you provide. My chins are happy and healthy little dudes in large part to you. I think you do an amazing job for the chins of NZ and I (we) are so grateful for it! Wouldn't go anywhere else."


"Hi, we recieved our pellets and treat food yesterday, Thank you. Our chinchilla had never been a big eater and I mixed her new food in with some old. She promptly threw all the old food out and ate all the new food, pellets included. What was remarkable was the behavior change the next day. She was placid and affectionate, sitting still for a tummy rub before coming out for a play. Normally she is so full on and never sits still."

Leanne B.

"I must say the Little Chintas products are very good value and quality compared to any of the competition products. It doesnt look like you would make much profit. I really think you should put the price up a little"

Sam W.

"These (Tasty Tidbits Cookies) smell so nice I'm tempted to eat one myself :P"

Belinda L.

"Awesome, I wouldnt change the food for them now, cant stress enough how well my guys are doing on it and ive had chins for many many many years!"

Becky J.

"I just wanted to let you know also how much my girls Dusty and Lucy love their Hang-out Tunnel - it seems to be the favourite place of all of their cubbies and houses."

Sharyn F.

"Hi Rebekah, just wanted to thank you for the parcels, they arrived today. Buddy the rabbit is very happy with the blocks you sent, now to see how happy his tummy is with them in the morning! Thanks so much for those. Also the chinnies are sooooo happy with their new toys. I will have to take some pics for you tonight! :)"

Liza A.

"heya my lil chinnies LOVE the new food you sent me thankyou so much!! and it got here so fast! thanks heaps :)"

Spring W.

"Absolutely delighted with this awesome chin food! We have tried everything available on the NZ market and LittleChintas is handsdown the best we have ever fed our chinnys, better even than those we imported from overseas! Our chins are very healthy and active, their coats are beautiful and shiny, their eyes bright, and after weaning them off the nasty sugary varieties sold everywhere else, they clearly LOVE it! So happy to have found you LittleChintas, We will definitely be back!"


"This is hands down the best chinchilla food available on the NZ market. My chins are rescued and have lived tough lives being fed wildly inappropriate food. It makes me feel good knowing I'm feeding them the best, as this mix is obviously crafted with love in mind. The camomile soothes my abused 4mth old to sleep whilst the hay blends give enough energy to scamper to the rest. It's bleddy perfect in every way."

Rudy P.



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