Feed Storage

At Little Chintas our pellet feeds are made fresh weekly. Our pellets are not extruded, baked, or dehydrated like other commercial feeds, this is to ensure optimum nutrient availability but it means the storage needs are a little different.
So, just like with any other 'fresh' foods, our pellets will 'go off' if not stored correctly - just like you couldn't leave a plastic bag of apples sitting on your bench for weeks without them rotting, it's the same with our pellets.

Pellet Feed:
Pellet feed should be kept in a cool dry place. Cool (under 18°C) and a relative humidity of between 25% and 50%. With these requirements met your food should last a good 3 months from date of purchase. ).
Please note: New Zealand has a mean-relative humidity of more than 60%, and most homes are over 20 degrees even in winter, so please check your storage methods and adjust as necessary.

Refrigeration seems like a great idea but moisture driven into the food by removal and replacement in the refrigerator can lead to premature food breakdown and molding. If refrigeration is used correctly (only take out of the refrigerator what is need for that days meals) you can expect the same shelf life as the above storage method (cool dry place).

Freezing is a great way to extend the shelf life of your pellet foods. Not only does it slow food break down, it also helps slow the natural disintegration of vitamins and nutrients. There is a catch; the food must not be constantly exposed to the freeze-thaw cycle. Our recommendation is to take only the food needed for that day out of the freezer at one time. Using this method, pellets will last 6 months from date of purchase.

It is not recommended that any pellet diets be used after 6 months. Although not dangerous, the nutritional value after 6 months deteriorates very rapidly.

Note: Our stated 'best before' date is 6 weeks but for optimal freshness we recommend ordering fresh monthly.

* Do not store in an airtight container unless in the freezer.
* Do not store in plastic unless in the freezer.