About Little Chintas

Little Chintas originally began as my hobby breeding of high-quality pet chinchillas, I then added a rescue for these gorgeous critters to the mix. The idea for designing my own feed products started when my own chinchillas decided they no longer liked their old pellets and I could not find another feed available in New Zealand that met the strict nutritional requirements of chinchillas. After many months of research, I came up with my first recipe, the second followed soon after, and it was downhill from there for my spare time.

All my recipes have been a huge success with my chinnies and as fuzzy residents increased in number and upkeep costs increased too, I decided to offer my products to the public so other people had access to (what I believe is) the highest quality animal feed and enrichment items, and to help fund the increasing rescue effort.

My chinchilla products have been such a hit and I have had multiple requests to cater for other species too! I am also able to offer an exclusive range of safe toys and habitat enrichment items for your small pets.

New products are added when I am able so join my facebook page to get updates of new products!

I apologise if I am not prompt in responding to emails, I work upwards of 40 hours per week as well as keeping Little Chintas ticking along, and the Rescue running, I don't always manage to get to everything that needs attending every day, and getting orders out the door trumps replying to emails. If your email is urgent please state that in the opening line or subject line, otherwise I will respond as soon as I am able.


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Trade Mark

Little Chintas is a registered Trade Mark, registered with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand.

If you discover someone using this trade mark, or a slightly altered version of this name, and believe they may be doing in breach please contact us so we can confirm if the offered products are indeed genuine.