Kaytee Flat-Bac Water Bottle 960ml

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Flat-Bac Water Bottle is a premium quality bottle with a smooth flat surface that fits tightly against your pets cage. Snap Lock Bottle Bracket easily attaches to the cage and the contoured bottle snaps into a secure position.

Made of durable clear plastic with a floating duck inserted as a friendly refill reminder
Stainless steel spring-loaded dripless sipper
Snap-lock Bottle Bracket with the convenient E-Z twist attachment knob allow for effortless bottle removal and refilling
Easily adapts for use either inside or on the outside of the cage.

**All water bottles have been removed from packaging to test they are not leaking, in all other aspects they are new and supplied in retail packaging.

Correct water bottle care and usage.
1) Always fill your water bottle right to the top, with as few air bubbles as possible, before capping, this creates a faster vacuum.
2) Screw the lid on firmly but not too tight, over tightening the cap can damage the seal which will create a less effective vacuum.
3) It is normal for the metal nozzle to be slightly off center, this should not affect placement or your pets use of the bottle.
4) Do not force the metal nozzle to reposition it, this will damage the join between the plastic and the metal and cause leaking.
5) It is normal for all water bottles to drip a little when they are first refilled (no matter what the manufaacturer says) while they are creating a vacuum inside the bottle.
To speed up the creation of a vacuum inside the bottle you can gently squeeze the bottle to evacuate a few mls of water, without letting more air in, when you release pressure the vacuum should have been created, do not tip the bottle while fitting to your pets cage or this will let air in breaking the vacuum and the bottle will drip again while it re-pressurises.

Out of Stock